Who let the dogs out? We did!


Our group park trips are perfect for well socialized dogs who truly enjoy making new furry friends.


We frequent Sherwood Park Off-Leash Areas like Sally Stewart Dog Park and Heritage Hills Dog Park with up to 5 dogs at a time.


This door-to-door service will have your dog out of the house for approximately 60-90 minutes and is sure to tucker your pooch out!


How do I know if my dog is a park dog? This article will answer your questions. 

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The perfect service for dogs who prefer one-on-one exercise.

Enjoy a 40 minute private walk with one of our experienced team members. Private walks are the perfect mid-day exercise opportunity while you're away at work.

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For the little paws in your life. 

Wouldn't it be nice to actuall yenjoy your lunch break without having to run home to let the dog out? 


Available for puppies up to 9 months old & seniors. During this 20 minute service, we'll let your pup out, feed them lunch and have a little play time left over!



Skipping town for a few days? Book a cat-check with us. This service includes feeding, litter box cleaning, re-filling water, watering your plants and grabbing the mail.

Ragdoll Cat

"Joining The Pack was has been one of the best experiences I have had as a pet owner. The services provided, along with their flexibility and accommodating business model not only make my dogs days easier, but mine as well. Darion and Staff are 10/10!"

- Chris