What the FAQ?

What area do you service?

One Pack Pet Services provides off-leash park visits, private walks and pee breaks in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Professional Pet Photography is available in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and the greater Edmonton area.

What services do you offer?

One Pack Pet Services provides off-leash park visits, private walks, pee breaks and professional pet portraits. We will be expanding our offerings into private and group training in Sherwood Park in 2021.

I’m not sure if my dog is best suited for the dog park or a private walk. What do you recommend?

The first question we ask owners in this case is whether or not they've taken their dog to the park before, and what their experience was like. If you've never taken your dog to the off-leash park before, we will start with private walks until you can take them and feel confident that that'll be comfortable at the park. If your dog is off-leash park regular and has a proven track record of displaying desireable and well-socizlised behaviors - they may join our park pack!

Are you insured?

Absolutely. We're insured through ProFur - a pet specific insurance provider who understands the unique needs of our business. Contact us for specific questions regarding our coverage and we're happy to share the information we have!

Is my dog a park dog?

This truly is the age old question. We understand that your high-energy dog is best suited for a hard game of fetch. But, we need to stress the importance of park safety for dogs in our care and other patrons. Park dogs generally need to demonstrate a few things: 1. Well socialized. This means more than the ability to tolerate being near dogs. Your dog must possess the ability to interact with dogs safely, understand social cues from four-legged friends and have basic training. 2. Ability to be in a vehicle with multiple dogs. Getting there is half the fun, right? We travel with up to 5 dogs in our vehicles, so your pooch must be down for the ride. Our new park dogs will attend a smaller trip at first to get comfortable travelling with our pack. Remember: not every dog is a park dog and that is completely OK! Did you know that dogs don't have an agenda? It's a common misconception that dogs long for the park, but they're often just as happy, if not happier, exercising in their own space.

I work an irregular schedule, can I still use your services?

Heck yes you can! We service a ton of parents who are shift workers - nurses, police officers and night shift construction workers - who have varrying schedules. Every Friday morning our clients recieve a booking reminder to send in their service requests for the next week. If you know your schedule at least one week in advance, you can send your requests in and we'll schedule your pooch accordingly.

What happens if my dog is a park dog but can’t go anymore?

Sometimes all good things must come to an end. It's our responsibility and duty to our pack parents to communitate any concerns with the dog park. In the past, we've had dogs who regularily attended our park trips until they began to display behaviors that suggested it was time to transition to a one-on-one walk! We'll communicate with you to create the best pawssible exercise plan to support the health and wellness of your best friend.

Is your service door to door?

Yes! Pretty cool, huh? All booking and events related to your services are tracked through our free app. Store your access information in the app for our team to easily enter your home, leash your pooch up and head out on an adventure. After the service is complete, we'll drop your dog off right inside the house so you won't have to lift a finger!

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens and we try to be as flexible as possible. Service change or cancellation requests may be submitted through our app with the following parameters: 1. Submit the request with more than 24 hours notice = no charge. 2. Submit the request within 24 hours of the service = $5 charge. 3. Forget to submit a request and have a walker show up to no dog = full charge.

What is your weather policy?

We all know how Alberta weather can turn on a dime. Genreally speaking, we use a -30 to + 30 window for walking. Depending on the dog and their ability to tolerate weather, we may cut services short or change them to a let-out.

Do you manage keys?

We do not. With a team of walkers cruising from dog to dog in Sherwood Park, we simply cannot manage keys. Most clients will provide a door code, garage code or even purchase a lockbox on amazon to store their spare key in at the door!

Do you have a referral program?

Our referral program is easy and oh so rewarding! It's simple, 1. Refer a client in Sherwood Park who books and completes a service. 2. Your dog will recieve a FREE service!

What is your emergency vet protocol?

In the event of an emergency we will take your dog straight to the vet. If it's life or death, we have no time to waste. If an injury occurs on the walk that is non-life threatening, we'll give you a call and proceed with your recommendations.