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If your dog is your child, you're in the right place!

We have a mere decade with our best friends - make the most of these precious moments with a professional pet portrait session. Shot by One Pack Pet Services' owner, Darion Balfour, experience a signature session where your dog's personality will shine. Oh, and don't worry mom, you're welcome to be in the portraits too! 


Capturing their heart

Because it only has love to give.

The look they give you when you ask if they want to go on a W-A-L-K, the snuggle the offer when you need it most, or the kiss they give before you leave the house. These are the moments that prove just how big their heart is. 

Capture their heart with a professionally tailored portrait experience to commemorate your loyal companion.

Dog's lives are too short

Their only fault, really.

Don't blink! ​Those little paws will soon grow big. As quick as they fetch their favorite ball, their whiskers begin to grey.


We truly believe dogs should live forever. But, we all know they can't. Document their expressions, personality, and unique bond with their favorite hoomans so you can hold onto these moments forever.


Remember, their time is short but the memories don't have to be.


Custom Portrait Experience

Your portraits, your way!

We approach your portrait session with your vision in mind. After carefully considering the best season and location for our time together you can feel confident knowing these photos will be displayed for all to enjoy - not just stored on your computer.

The collaboration comes first, always. 

How This Works



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Select Your


Choose the right package to capture your pet's heart and soul

Plan Your Session

Spill your vision for this session and we'll find the right location to highlight your pet

Photograph Your Companion

Lights, camera, action! You bring the smiles, we'll bring the beautiful imagery

Make Your Selections

Choose your favorite images to download from your online gallery 

Share and


Show off your companion with wall art, albums or digital files!


Your custom portrait experience Eight years of professional photography combined with two years of professional dog walking 

Booking portrait sessions for December, January and February 2021.

Email to book.


My dog must be on leash, can you still photograph them?

Yes! We'll find a unique location for your dog to express themselves comfortably. We use tools like long leads to give them space to breathe and be comfortable while ensuring they're safe. Special editing teqniques will be used to remove unwanted leashes from images.

What if my dog isn't trained?

Would you believe us if we told you most of our dogs aren't either? Darion has vast experience photographing pets on the. You get the added bonus of her years of experience walking dogs, too! Start working on those basic commands like sit, down and stay to help the session run smoothly. We always have treats on hand to encourage those behaviors that help capture their portraits!

How much can i expect to invest in a portrait session?

This is completely up to you. During your booking we'll determine exactly what you want to get out of this session. Do you want custom framed wall art? Maybe a photobook or two to share? Perhaps you'd prefer a handful of digitals for social sharing instead. What ever the case, our clients typically invest around $600 on their experience with the option to purchase more products a la carte.