Protected Paws are Happy Paws

Raise your hand if you've ever experienced dry, irritated skin during the winter months. We have! Tis' the season for applying endless amounts of lip balm, lotion, and serums to combat our harsh winter climate. If you're moisturizing protecting your skin for the winter, don't you think your dog should be, too?

One Pack Pets has formulated a Paw Protector balm to shield, soothe, and soften pads for happier paws. Before we talk about why paw care is so important, we must first understand the anatomy of those sweet little toes.

What Paw Pads are Made of

Your dog's paw has 5 basic parts: (1) The claw, (2) digital pads, (3) metacarpal pads (on the front paws) and metatarsal (on the back paws) pad, (4) dew claw, and (5) carpal pad.

Paw pads have different names and different functions.

The Metacarpal and Digital pads serve as the load-bearing mechanism to absorb shock during daily activities. Metacarpal pads are often only found on the front paws because they're the ones hitting the ground first. They're your dog's first line of defense when helping protect joints during zoomies and fetch!

Like the shoe to a human, paw pads offer cushion, support, and absorbency to protect on the go.

What Paw Pads are Made Of

Feel your dog's paws - you'll notice they're a little squishy and rough. Paw pads are made of the thickest canine skin filled with fat tissue and elastic fibers. If your dog spends more time walking on concrete or rough surfaces you may notice their paws are more calloused than others. That's ok! It's a natural defense to protect their body.

According to PetMD, paw pads have a high turnover rate and require a lot of nutrition. That's exactly why we've made our Paw Protector with the best natural ingredients that support happy paws!

Help Protect Paw Pads with Balm

You wouldn't walk through the snow with your bare feet, would you? Neither should our dogs! One Pack Paw Protector is a great way to shield sensitive paws from the elements. The key to paw protection is being proactive in your care routine. You'll find the following ingredients in our paw balm:

Beeswax to create a thin layer to protect those perfect paws from the elements.

Shea Butter to soothe irritation.

Coconut Oil to moisturize and hydrate - and because hello, coconut oil fixes everything! It's also naturally antibacterial - bonus!

Vitamin E Oil to protect against cracked paws.

Olive Oil to help prevent matting between toes.

Live Demo

We took this product to the dogs to see just how durable it was during a snowy trip at the off-leash park. After applying the balm to historically sensitive paws, we found our subject to have:

  • less irritation that typically caused paw raising every few minutes.

  • less distraction so she could focus on what really matters - playing with her friends!

  • less clumping between toes so she could have an easier time dashing through the snow!

Click here to watch a full demo on our Instagram highlights.

100% Safe, Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of this balm were specifically chosen with safety in mind.

Using 100% safe and natural ingredients will ensure this product remains an asset during your winter dog walking routine!

Applying Your Balm

Ensure your tin is at room temperature prior to application. This is a wax product, so leaving it in your car during the cold winter months isn't recommended.

Start by applying a pea-sized amount to each paw. You can adjust that based on the size of the paws you're dealing with.

Getting Your Paws on this Balm

Purchasing a tin or two of our paw balm will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected. It's safe, affordable, and made right here in Canada! Purchase your paw protector balm in our online store for $12 + GST, or grab 2 for $20 + GST. Standard shipping rates may apply.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

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