The Ultimate Tool For Easier Dog Walks

Walking your dog is a necessary task that sometimes isn't easy, especially if your four-legged friend hasn't mastered their loose leash walking.

You often feel stressed, anxious, or frustrated at the thought of heading out on an adventure, but we want you to know that with the right tools your walk can become more enjoyable, less stressful, and more rewarding for you and your pooch.

The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is our #1 recommended tool here at One Pack Pet Services for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Its well-thought discourages your dog from pulling with its front chest attachment that ultimately helps steer your dog and redirect attention back to you if he starts to pull. Bonus: it's a safe, force-free training tool with a perfect fit guarantee!

What an Easy Walk Harness Helps Prevent

Raise your hand if this looks familiar while walking your dog. *raises hand*

We see you, we hear you, and we're here to reassure you that this doesn't have to be your new normal.

Do you notice how the harness in these video clips on the back? Harnesses that clip on your dog's back promote opposition reflex; your dog's instinctive reaction to push against a push.

For example: if you are using a harness that clips on your dog's back, as soon as they start to pull forward your natural reaction is to pull them back. However, the pressure caused by you pulling your dog toward you initiates the opposition reflex resulting in your dog pulling away even harder.

You should be able to pop in your favorite true-crime podcast and walk your dog with confidence knowing you aren't going to be yanked across a field or into oncoming traffic! Here's how the Easy Walk Harness can help.

Benefits of the Easy Walk Harness

There's a reason the easy walk harness is our top recommended product among our clients - it simply works. We want to be clear: the easy walk harness will not fix your dog for you, but it's one of the best tools to have in your belt when training to loose leash walk. We want to stress that this harness is a tool that should be used in alignment with regular training while on walks.

Here's how the easy walk harness can help you:

  • You have more control - eliminate the instinctual opposition reflex with the front lead attachment to help steer your dog.

  • You feel confident - embark on each walk knowing the frequency and force of your dog pulling will be reduced.

  • You feel safe - when pulling is reduces, so are the chances of being dragged into an unsafe situation.

  • Your dog is secure - two straps across the chest and under the legs help secure your dog for peace of mind.

  • Your dog has better direction - your dog isn't born knowing that pulling on a leash is a bad thing. Subtly eliminating opposition reflex can give your dog more clarity on what they should be doing on a walk. Don't forget to mark and reinforce the desired behavior!

  • You are excited about daily walks - when you have confidence and peace of mind, your adventures tend to get longer and happier. We want that for you!

Easier Walks are just a Click Away

If you've been craving an easier walk, then the Easy-Walk harness is for you. Please remember that having a harness that supports loose leash walking does not automatically teach this behavior! It's simply a tool. But, we can tell you from personal and professional experience it makes training and regularly scheduled walks paws-itively more enjoyable.

Buy your Easy Walk harness here for less than $30 CAD.

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