Private Walks

The perfect service for dogs who prefer one-on-one exercise.

Enjoy a 40 minute private walk with one of our experienced team members. Private walks are the perfect mid-day exercise opportunity while you're away at work.


1-2 walks per week | $28/ walk 

3 walks per week | $25/ walk 

4 + walks per week | $23/walk


Group Park trips

Perfect for well socialized dogs who truly enjoy making new furry friends.


We frequent Sherwood Park's Off-Leash Areas up to 5 compatible dogs at a time.


This door-to-door service will have your dog out of the house for approximately 60-90 minutes and is sure to tucker your pooch out!


How do I know if my dog is a park dog? This article will answer your questions. 

All park dogs are assessed by our staff members. Safety and fit is our absolute #1 priority - non negotiable. If we feel your dog is a better fit for private walks we will adjust services and love them just as hard!


1-2 walks per week | $28/ walk 

3 walks per week | $25/ walk 

4 + walks per week | $23/walk


pee breaks

*Available Monday - Friday.


For the little paws in your life. ​

Wouldn't it be nice to actually enjoy your lunch break without having to run home to let the dog out? 


Available for puppies up to 9 months old & seniors. During this 20 minute service, we'll let your pup out, feed them lunch and have a little play time left over!


1-2 breaks per week | $23/ visit

3 breaks per week | $21/ visit

4 + breaksper week | $23/ visit


house sitting/pop-in

*We do not offer in-home overnight house sitting and this service is available for current clients only*


Our pop-in service is perfect for weekend getaways where you'd like your dog to stay in the comfort of their own home, or need your cat checked on.  ​

Visits are up to 40 minutes and include a feeding, watering any plants, grabbing mail, play time and/or a walk. 

For our dogs, we recommend a minimum of 3 visits per day: morning let out and feed, afternoon walk, and evening feed followed by lights out and bed time!


$25/ visit (we can come up to 4x daily)